About Us

As a retired nurse that has battled cancer less than a decade ago and buried my mother from the same awful disease process while I was in the throes of my own battle, I came out seeking change.  Change not only for myself but for those that I hold dearly, my family. In life, there are things you have no control over and then there are things that are within your power to change. This was the beginning of my focus on living life in a better way.  I could control things I put in my body, used on my body, and within the environment in my home.  

As a mother of five children and wife of a devoted husband,  I knew that I only wanted the very best for them. First came the changes in food.  I began by seeking nutrient-dense foods from local farms and grocers that could fulfill that need. No HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), no MSG (monosodium glutamate), were among the many things we deleted from our diets.  Then came the household cleaning. No harmful, toxic chemicals for cleaning. I was totally surprised just how useful vinegar and baking soda are! Changing out to plant-derived cleaners and laundry detergents were beneficial along with wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener. I started to dabble in essential oils just a few years back and learned of all the wonderful, therapeutic uses they offer as well.  Could I really be living in such a toxic environment? You betcha! The more research I did, the more I learned what I had been missing all these years (or how much I needed to dismiss). 

Four of my children started on their own paths and were either finishing college or getting married.  However, I had a bonus baby, 12 years after the rest! What a blessing for my “older” years. Little did I know that in my search for a cleaner, healthier way of living I would see a spark in this brilliant young mind.  She is much better at adopting healthier behaviors than I, a truth I must admit. Enjoying our time together over school breaks and lazy summer days, we started to embark on making soaps so we didn’t have to use ingredients that were listed as hormone disruptors, carcinogens (cancer-causing), skin irritants, etc  Wow! Quality time together making quality products that we could use (and smell good too!) A real win/win situation if I do say. We started to share as gifts to others and always got rave reviews. What a confidence booster. Well, if we could make soap then why can’t we do other bath and body care products? With some collaboration with those that are extremely knowledgeable in this process, we began doing our research and the birthing pains were worth every minute.  But…let me tell you more.

The impetus for the beginning of turning this into a business came from my “Rosebud”  and it was her “Touch” that made me proceed forward. You see she is preparing to finish her last year of high school and begin college next year.  A college career that she is planning on doing in biological research in genetic engineering (could she possibly discover something earth-shattering? Who knows, the sky’s the limit!) She is insightful, knowing full well that would leave me and hubby, empty nesters.  I’ve taken care of children, parents, patients, and everyone else for so long I forgot what it was like to take care of me. To do something that I enjoyed and felt a very strong purpose that I would be benefiting others as well. When I decided to move forward her words to me were, “Gee Mom, I haven’t seen you this alive in a long time.”  Now you can understand why my business is called: Rosebud’s Touch. She touched my heart in every way to do something that we loved to share, wanted to help people with better choices available to them, and with a purpose. Together we have collaborated on product selections, ingredient choices, label design, and the down and dirty mixing, smelling, labeling, and stocking.  We’ve had silly moments, tense moments, messy days, clean & organizing days, ooh and aah days when everything was labeled and ready to go.

Now for the best part.  We know life can be crazy, insanely busy (even for a retired person), and we also know we pamper everyone else but ourselves.  That needs to change. Stop! Learn to smell the roses, enjoy the laughter coming from others and join in yourself, eat the dessert (eat it first, life is short), connect with the people you love (not your phone, tablet, etc), look in your mirror each morning and be thankful your alive, reach out to someone to make amends for long ago disagreements, and most importantly…take the very best care you can of YOU!  We hope you enjoy all of the Rosebud’s Touch products and they not only nourish your body and skin but your mind as well with the scents that can bring you to a happier place. Our goal here is to bring to you everything that you’ll need in your bath and body care routine with the best ingredients available to let you bask in the luxury of pampering yourself.

Kathleen & Karleigh (Rosebud)