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Benefits of Epsom Salts in our Bath Bombs and Bath Salts.

Rosebud’s Touch Bath Bombs, both traditional and novelty shapes, are made with Epsom Salts which have very beneficial properties. Hence, the very reason we incorporate Epsom Salts into our recipe for Bath Bombs. So…let me tell you all about it.

Epsom Salts are made of Magnesium Sulfate and therefore they are extremely useful in:

*The reduction and relaxation of muscle aches

*Stress Relief (by relaxing those tense muscles)

*Promotes and improves sleep

*Improved Circulation

*Headache Relief

*Removes Toxins that are absorbed from our environment each day

*Beneficial in skin issues such as: acne, eczema, and other irritations (DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN)

*Improves the hydration of your skin

*PLUS it helps with the absorption of the mineral magnesium which is generally deficient in most people

Start pampering yourself and those you love by using our Bath Bombs and Bath Salts. They make great gifts too! Not only will you benefit from the Magnesium Sulfate but you will also love the aroma that envelops you and the wonderful way your skin feels after a bath. We all need a way to take the very best care of ourselves so go and select from over 40 different products that Rosebud’s Touch carries with Epsom Salts to begin the PAMPERING EXPERIENCE TODAY!!

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